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Customer Reviews

Mystic Island has been a great experience for me. I am a regular kratom user for the past 5 years, twice daily. Their White Vietnam and Mystic Unicorn really gave me the balance and focus I needed to get through my day. Their customer service is on par if not better than other vendors which left me with the feeling of relief. I definitely recommend giving them a chance.

- Curtis Lee

My sister and I have just recently found Mystic Island. The prices are great, but the customer service is above reproach. We are regular users of Kratom usually 2-3 times per day. Diamond has been the best we have tried. We have tried a few different strains and are trying more. The Diamond gave us both pain relief and helps with anxiety. Red Vietnam was another great choice for us. If you are unsure of what to try, send Will an email and he will help. This is the best place to buy Kratom!!! I plan on writing reviews of each strain we try. Keep up the great work Mystic Island!

- Patrick Rasmussen

Fantastic response times, fantastic products.. Fantastic prices. TRIFECTA!

- -JW

These guys are absolutely amazing. I have three bad disc from being hit by a drunk driver in 2013 and these guys red blends are incredible for pain. Top notch leaf,top notch service .

- Robert Hill

I have had 3 Neck Surgerys and 1 Lumbar Surgery. Been with Chronic Pain for 15 Yrs. Living on Disability the money don't go to far!! The Reds are great for pain along with the PRICE.Excellent Service....

- Terry Millianoes Sr

I've tried many of the blends. Not a bad one yet and some are outstanding.

- Joe

I have tried Mystical Dragon of all the Kratom I've ever done this blend is one of my favorites

- Jessica

Ive tried many different vendors I’ve come across some really good ones on what I refer to as “my quest for Kratom” The quest has ended here. Hands down the best I’ve had!

- Jeff c

Great Company OUSTANDiNG Service and Commitment to Customer Satisfaction. Great Kratom at A Great Price! Highly Recommend Giving Them A Shot.

- MixMasterMike-420

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